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Audio at Weddings

It’s not all about great looking images, you can have the best looking footage in the world but if it sounds bad then it’s probably going to turn into a poor quality production, believe it or not but in reality many videographers will actually over look this, relying on on-board camera mics alone is not very professional and will usually result in an unpleasant horrible camcorder sound.  Having good audio recordings helps a great deal when creating wedding films, it enhances the viewing experience and often creates an emotional connection for the viewer.

I strive to capture the best audio possible on the day, I don’t relay on the church or hotel systems as these are usually incorrectly setup or have been tampered with by someone with little or no experience,  most of the time churches and hotels won’t let you interfere with their systems anyway, so I tend to use my own recording devices and will mic up the Minster / Priest  whenever possible, granted they permit it.

Below is an example of  a recent production I did showing both regular and enhanced sound recording, I also try to get across how I make use of audio to enhance and enrich my wedding films with the added use of music and colour.


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