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Freelance steadicam services

I often get hired in by industry professionals for my services as a camera and steadicam operator so I thought this would be good opportunity to let others know of this unique service that I provide.

For professionals wanting to raise the production value on your next shoot, you should already know the benefits of having a skilled steadicam operator on-board. It’s not something that can be learned over night, you only have look a films to see it’s advantages.

Using a skilled operator will bring in lots of new possibilities for your film or documentary, more choice is offered to the editor through the use of shifting camera positions, Steadicam glides from one composition to the next, interaction between subject and camera offers a seamless storytelling continuum. 

Having over 5 years experience in Steadicam operation, I offer a good service at an affordable rate.

Check out my steadicam reel below:



  • Matthew Thompson on May 05, 2015 Reply

    I’d like a quote for stedicam operating services (with all kit hire including wireless link to HD-SDI vision mix and talk-back) for an event on 13th April, 0900 – 1800. A long day. Please let me know if you would be interested.
    Venue in central London.
    0207 869 6734
    07799 893 789

    • admin on May 05, 2015 Reply

      Hi Matthew,

      Many thanks for your enquiry, I see you sent us an email as well, will respond via email.

      Kind Regards,

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