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Tyrone Relph, Music Video shoot

After returning home from a successful win at the MTV Awards in Madrid ‘Tyrone’ approached me about producing a music video for his latest track ‘New Suns’, so after some discussion and a few meetings later we looked at locations and got to work at planing a shooting schedule, the date was set and the video was to be shot in the month of December which was to be one of the coldest months on record.

The evening before the shoot just as I was prepping my gear I got a call from Tyrone with some bad news, due to severe heavy snow all the major airports had shut leaving half his band stranded in London, so this wasn’t the best of starts, but instead of cancelling the shoot we made the decision to go ahead and capture some narrative idea’s.

Day 1

We arranged to meet at a property located in the Dungannon area, our small crew consisted of Silva Bareikaite as our actress, Olivia Mulgrew on makeup, and Ciara Duffy as my Co-Director who also had a hand in assisting me with some scene setups, After locking down the majority of scenes we moved our setup to the loft of the property for the remaining shots, with the evening closing in and the temperature dropping to well below -10 and having no heat in the loft, this didn’t make for an easy shoot, especially for Tyrone as we had him laying half naked on a cold leather sofa which must of left him feeling like a block of ice, but in proper Rock ‘N Roll fashion he just got on with it, after a few takes we nailed the scene and wrapped for the day.


Day 2

The remaining band members finally made it back to shore in the nick of time for our 2nd day of shooting, on this shoot it was solely about capturing the performance, it really couldn’t have went any better, we booked the club in the morning, I rigged a few lights, prepped the steadicam and and we’re all set to go by lunch time, it was pretty much plain sailing from here on in, everyone took direction really well and the band nailed each take pretty much first time round, nothing to do with the fact that a few sociable drinks helped calm the nerves along the way 🙂

The video has been received really well, taking 2nd place in ‘Best Music Video’ category at the National IOV awards 2011.

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‘New Suns’ official music video

National 2011 IOV award winning entry

Nation IOV award 2011 (Best music video) 2nd place winning entry

Fresh from getting an MTV International Fantastic Sounds award Tyrone’s New Suns video has went on to have some success of it’s own, managing 2nd place in the National IOV awards Ricoh Arena Coventry on 19th October 2011, full press release here, also keep an eye out for the video playing around Belfast ‘Big Screen in City’ in association with London 2012 events.

National Awards Judged by:
Stephen Low (MTV award winning Director)
Martin Denim (Award winning music promo and film Director)
Dan Malcolm (Senior broadcast lighting cameraman)

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